How Grant has blessed me….

My son is Grant and he is now 31 years old. When I first heard that Grant had Down Syndrome I knew next to nothing about Down Syndrome. But one thing that I have never forgotten was what Grant’s first pediatrician told me…he said that my life was now going to be filled with daily smiles and hugs. How true that one little statement is. Grant wakes up every morning and goes to bed every night with a big smile and as many kisses and hugs as you want. Even through the times of sickness and hospitals and fighting with schools, I have always considered my self considerably blessed to be the mother of Grant and I often wonder why God ever gave me the privilege and honor of being Grant’s mom.

I believe that being the mother of a Down Syndrome child has made me so strong. I have had to stand up to educators and doctors and the like to make sure that Grant has the same rights as anybody else. My philosophy has always been that Grant should have the right to try anything he wants and nobody should stand in his way. Grant was able to get his driving permit several years ago. So many people told him that he would never be able to get his permit, but he worked hard with the help of provider and he passed the test! He doesn’t seem very interested in getting his license but he is very proud (as he should be ) that he has a driving permit and he is able to drive when he wants, as long as someone is with him.

Grant started his own lawn mowing business a few years ago and he is constantly looking for new customers. He has acquired 4 lawnmowers and the free services of his mom and dad to help with the labor. But he does give raises 🙂

Grant has had the privilege of meeting and playing with many of the athletes he looks up to. He will spend hours studying basketball games to get moves down so when he has a basketball game he can do his moves just like the Nuggets. Many years ago he met John Elway and has several autographed items from John Elway. He is now hoping to one day meet Tim Tebow!

There is so many things that I could tell you about what I’ve learned, what others have learned and what Grant has accomplished so far in his life. But the biggest advise I have for parents, is NEVER let anyone tell you that your child CAN’T.